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  • Why am I unable to make a trade?

    If you are not able to place a trade, first check that you have sufficient funds in your account and whether the asset is currently available for active trading.

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  • What is a rollover?

    A rollover is the period at which one trading day switches to the next, which is at 5pm EST. It can also refer to interest credited or debited to positions open at the time that the trading day switches.

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  • Why do the rates continue to change before I make a decision?

    CFD trading is a fast-paced market where prices are constantly changing. The platform updates with the latest prices available on our feed.

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  • What is the expiration time?

    The expiration time can refer to either the time at which an order is closed by the trader or the time that an asset’s contract ends, for assets with specific open and close periods. These assets are typically commodities.

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  • What is the expiration rate?

    The expiration rate is the asset price at the time you close your trade. Your trade is profitable if the SELL price of your asset at the close of the trade is greater than the BUY price minus the spread that was in effect at the beginning of the order.

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  • What return will I receive in case of successful investment?

    CFD returns are based on the size of your order and the difference between the price of the asset when the order is opened and when it is closed. To determine your profit, subtract the BUY price from the SELL price, and then multiply this amount by the number of lots that were purchased.

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  • How can I make a trade?

    You can place an order in three simple steps after logging in to the platform:

    1. Select your asset

    2. Choose whether to BUY or SELL

    3. Decide upon an investment amount

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  • Which payment methods are accepted?

    The payment methods you can use through our page are credit cards (Mastercard, Visa), E-Wallet (APM, EFT) and Wire Transfer.

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  • How do I make a deposit?

    We offer several payment methods: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, as well as several forms of e-payment.

    The first step is logging into your account, then go to the ‘Deposit’ section

    Click on your preferred method, enter the amount you wish to deposit and add the payment method details into the fields

    Click on ‘Deposit’

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